Joshua R Jones

Front End Developer

Joshua R Jones - Front End Developer

I am a 28 year old nerd currently living within the Orange County area in California. I have an intense passion for all things design, but am most enthusiastic about designing and building for the web. I enjoy all things "Getting Things Done", and almost never pass up a cup of good tea.

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At age 10, when I first had the complexity of the Internet explained to me, I rushed to my room gathering any "Star Wars" toys within reach & shared my master plan to my parents. I had a desire to create the greatest "Star Wars Toy Collection" web site known to man.

While slightly silly looking back on it now, the fire I had burning for web development back than is still very present today. I continued to pursue an understanding of computers & the Internet as a whole. My quest for knowledge didn't end at just designing high quality web sites, but went further into understanding how operating systems worked & the steps required for running a secure web server.

It's thanks to my love for technology & parents that didn't mind me camping out in the "batcave" all night that I have achieved this level of experience & skill. I continue to teach myself new tricks & upcoming languages in pursuit of building high quality, accessible & standards driven sites pushing forward for a better web. I love to work with a passionate team to help drive my skills forward even more.


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Work Experience

    Additional Info

    Frameworks, CMS Backends and Libraries

    I've worked with different backend frameworks for various projects, and have worked with multiple CMS/forum backend solutions such as PHPbb, vBulletin, Drupal, Wordpress and concrete5.

    I also have minor experience in the Backbone.js and Angular.js MVC javascript frameworks.

    Software & Dev Environment

    I work on Mac OS X systems, using a mixture of tools to help me get my work done. My text edior of choice is (with a bunch of plugins installed like ), paired with tools like Grunt, , , , and the trusty Terminal (zsh) always nearby.

    I also have years of experience with Adobe's Creative Suite (primarily Photoshop and Illustrator), and often try to help with design and creative whenever I can.

    Current Interests

    For those rare times I'm not reading up on design patterns, cool tips & tricks or anything else web development, you might find me reading Marvel comics (Avengers or Iron Man most often), waiting for the next episode of Sherlock and Doctor Who, or playing around with scripts and workflows to automate parts of my day.


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