Joshua R Jones

Front End Developer

Joshua R Jones - Front End Developer

I am a 30 year old nerd currently living within the Brooklyn area in New York. I have an intense passion for all things design, but am most enthusiastic about designing and building for the web. I enjoy all things " Getting Things Done", and almost never pass up a cup of good tea.

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At age 10, when I first had the complexity of the Internet explained to me, I rushed to my room gathering any "Star Wars" toys within reach & shared my master plan to my parents. I had a desire to create the greatest "Star Wars Toy Collection" web site known to man.

While slightly silly looking back on it now, the fire I had burning for web development back than is still very present today. I continued to pursue an understanding of computers & the Internet as a whole. My quest for knowledge didn't end at just designing high quality web sites, but went further into understanding how operating systems worked & the steps required for running a secure web server.

It's thanks to my love for technology & parents that didn't mind me camping out in the "batcave" all night that I have achieved this level of experience & skill. I continue to teach myself new tricks & upcoming languages in pursuit of building high quality, accessible & standards driven sites pushing forward for a better web. I love to work with a passionate team to help drive my skills forward even more.


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